What We Do

TechLead Corporation, an international management and engineering consulting firm with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, stimulates the growth and success of its clients. Differentiating from other consultancies, TechLead emphasizes rigorous analysis and expert judgment resulting in actionable recommendations. TechLead’s staff of seasoned professionals combines unique and extensive knowledge with more than 140 years of in-depth industry experience to transform data into INFORMATION and knowledge into UNDERSTANDING yielding substantiated insight into your organization’s most demanding business and technology needs.


TechLead provides strategic technology planning, selection and implementation services through technology audits, technical due diligence, tech-nology assessment and benchmarking throughout the electronics packaging, interconnect and assembly industry. Special areas of expertise include device packaging, high density intercon-nect, and advanced assembly including 3D and embedded devices. Recent client projects cover automotive electronics, solar energy, medical electronics, test & instrumentation, as well as microprocessor & GPU packaging.

Business & Market Development

TechLead’s nearly 10,000 contacts throughout the world generate preeminent qualifications for executing detailed market analysis. This includes competitive assessments, market intelligence, niche targeting, planning and budgeting as well as strategic relationship brokering. Combined with personnel in Asia, Europe and America these activities result in the opening of closed markets, expansion of existing markets and most oppor-tunely the creation of new markets. Successes include opening high volume, low cost channels in Asia and introducing embedded chip packaging for high performance microprocessors and video /graphics processors to Japan.

Value Analysis

TechLead’s proprietary Yielded Cost Model delivers accurate and actionable analysis of existing manufacturing operations as well as emerging technologies. Extending well beyond cost, TechLead’s manufacturing model also provides quantitative ecological impact assess-ment, maps emerging technical solutions onto existing infrastructure, and forecasts potential revenue across multiple market segments. Readily applied to diverse technologies, these tools accu-rately predict the economic value of today’s strategic choices.

Intellectual Property Research

Using systematic analysis of published patent and patent application filings at WIPO, European and US Patent Offices, TechLead builds detailed IP Landscapes for active and emerging fields. Recent studies include MEMS, Photovoltaics, and 3D & Embedded Packaging. Conversely, zooming in to specific solutions, TechLead’s unique IP Mapping provides insight into related approaches, technology family trees, gap analysis, and high-lights strategic opportunities. These tools lead to efficient and effective investment of R&D resources as well as optimized product develop-ment strategies.